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Sustainable Tourism: The Dawn of a new Era

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

In recent times, we have heard a lot of talk about how tourism has bounced back after an unprecedented last couple of years due to COVID-19. The interest in sustainable tourism has definitely increased since the beginning of this pandemic and is the tipping point for travell

ers to finally commit to their own sustainable journeys.

Since travel is becoming easier and the world is again opening up to travellers both old and new, the preference of a green or a sustainable holiday is widely spread amongst tourists in recent times. The COVID-19 pandemic has shed light to us, that what we do each day, really impacts us and the world around us.

According to’s recent Sustainable Travel Report which included excerpts of a research conducted on more than 29,000 travellers across 30 countries, suggested that 73% of US travellers think that sustainable travel is vital, with 46% of them saying the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably. The report also confirms that 42% of the travellers still believe that there aren’t enough sustainable travel options available, with 48% admitting that they get annoyed if somewhere they are staying stops them from being sustainable.

It is most certain that the world is ever more inclined to sustainable travel options. Through various initiatives, the Government of Dubai has taken some big measures to welcome Sustainable Tourism. The Dubai Sustainable Tourism Department was established to enhance the sustainability of the tourism sector and for contributing to the broader clean energy and sustainable development targets that Dubai is looking forward to achieve.

One of the key elements of tourism is accommodation. However, travellers are finding it challenging to find suitable sustainable accommodations for their trips. In line with the vision of the leadership of Dubai, Frank&Frank Holiday Homes is committed to a more sustainable approach when it comes to day-today operations. As part of this commitment, earlier this year we partnered with Diamond Developers on a sustainable holiday homes project. We currently manage 51 short-term rental homes in the Sustainable City, our guests enjoy a superior accommodation experience without having to leave a large carbon-footprint. From using renewable energy, local produce, and plastic-free care products and various other green practices, The Sustainable Homes has indeed become one of our masterpiece offerings to guests from around the world. At the end of each stay, our guests are emailed interesting insights about their stay and consumption of resources, this has really helped them make small changes in their lifestyles which leaves a big difference on the carbon footprint they leave behind.

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council claims that an eco-friendly journey implies minimising the negative impacts and maximising the positive ones. For example, reducing littering, damage to nature, over-tourism, and on the other hand enhancing the preservation of the natural landscape, as well as of the local culture. As we transition to a more sustainable society, travellers will want to know what their accommodation providers are doing for the environment and the local community; we as accommodation providers must begin educating and sharing our efforts to travellers, who will surely will feel more comfortable staying with us.

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